• Schwergut, schwertransport Behälter

Moving stuff.

It’s big. It’s heavy. It’s bulky. It’s our kind of thing! From the excavator and the power plant turbine to the pedestrian bridge we transport everything for our customers, whether it’s within the company, nationally, Europe-wide, or intercontinentally. Even globally. We have the solution. The transport solution.


  • Transportation of exceptionally large, wide or high goods
  • Machine transportation
  • Heavy loads transportation
  • Transportation of construction machines
  • Abnormal goods transportation
  • Project forwarding

We deliver just in time, whether to the rail head, the river-, sea- or airport. We guarantee economical route planning, which is optimal with regards to the programme and even takes into account unforeseeable events. Before hitting the road, all the formalities are settled and dealt with, whether it’s authorisations, police escort, traffic control measures or the processing of customs and insurance formalities. That is heavy logistics made easy for our customers.

One more thing: We don’t just do long distance. We also do short distance. We know the reloading points of the region and the Greater Region like our own pockets. As unimaginable as it may be, we can even reach international ports via the Saar River and the Mosel River. Inland ports, such as the Port of Dillingen, Merzig, Trier or Mannheim are our customers’ gates to the world. We take your goods where you want them, whether it’s just around the corner or all around the world. You tell us: isn’t that good stuff?

onroad: heavy goods in good hands!



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