• Selbstfahrer Scheuerle beim Transport eines Rotorblatts


Our self-propelled trailers are the jewels of our fleet: multi-skilled, incredibly versatile and unbeatably clever. It can transport not only tower parts or nacelles through narrow villages, dense forests or uneven hills. Even long rotor blades are not an issue. Thanks to the most innovative technique of the blade adapter, they can be raised at an angle of 0 to 60 degrees.

Within the company, machines, press and constructions parts can be transported in the smallest of spaces. This self propelled, remote controlled trailer can be easily and quickly adapted to all the requirements of its environment. He effortlessly masters bottlenecks and obstructions. Furthermore, there is a strong emphasis on sustainability: by raising a rotor blade or blade adapter, it is very rare that roads need to be widened, trees felled or that new routes have to be created, as opposed to traditional modes of transport. We are always careful to leave the landscape intact. As it rarely requires reconstruction measures, the self-propelled trailer is the ideal load carrier for any kind of large, heavy or bulky items. With the help of trained personnel on the remote, this intelligent machine easily reaches any destination.

onroad: heavy goods in good hands!

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