• Umschlag einer Verrohungsmaschine im Saarhafen Dillingen

Heavy load transportation.

Whether you want to transfer a crane, a power plant turbine, a pedestrian bridge or large parts of wind power stations, make sure that you have the right partner. The logistics experts don’t run out of steam – even when it comes to real heavyweights. And there is a reason for it: exceptional logistical performances dictate onroad’s everyday business. The daily challenges normally lie outside the common sizes and measures.

Our strength lies in finding solutions for special requirements. For you, this means nothing else than Full service for your large goods vehicles: from the feasibility study and detailed route planning, the provisioning of authorisations to the safe execution and control. A functioning network guarantees an optimal link between all modes of transport. And apart from longstanding experience and efficiency this often requires a good dose of creativity. This is how we grow thanks to new challenges on a daily basis.

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project manager: heavy load transportation
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